Your Business’ Purpose on the Page

Courageous, Clear, & Concise Copy and Content



Hey! I’m Megan,

a storyteller at heart and marketer by trade based in Austin, Texas.

I write authentic, impactful copy that connects with your audience.

Whether you’re a social entrepreneur, health and wellness brand, or a B2B service provider, I have experience writing conversion copy and compelling content – drawing in your people, telling an engaging story about what sets you apart, and ultimately turning potential customers into clients who keep coming back.

About Me 


Build the foundation of writing for your business. The brand message tells your whys and hows while always speaking to your clients.

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Improve your reach, keep subscribers engaged, and convert readers into buyers with planned and targeted email campaigns.

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Drive traffic to your site, educate potential clients, and guide them through your sales funnel with pages full of captivating copy on your site. 

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Publish valuable and original content that showcases your expertise to gather and engage prospects. Don’t just pitch; show proof.

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