Translating successful projects and happy clients into compelling copy

Hey there, I’m Megan Tooker and I’ve been a writer since I got my first notebook in elementary school. After that, I was that rebellious teenager who secretly read all the “banned books” and wrote angsty Livejournal posts about my all-girls high school experience. I graduated college with a BA in English and what do you do with that? Well, I found myself gravitating to marketing tasks in every job I had because it meant I was working on blog posts, web pages, direct mail copy, social media, and really anything that involved writing. My career journey has led me to work in freelance roles and in-house marketing for wellness and holistic health, fitness and health studios, non-profit, and various B2B services businesses. I’m currently based in Austin, Texas but there is no losing my born-and-raised New York groove. I started Words Move to solve the problem most businesses face: you are an absolute expert in what you do but how do you communicate that in compelling marketing copy to prove it? 

While I wish I could claim to be multilingual, I still consider myself a translator. I make myself fluent in your business then talk to clients in an accessible way.

The work I do for clients like you is grounded in active listening to interpret what your business’ differentiators are when you may not see them. I step in because I CAN see the forest for the trees. By better understanding your passion and your expertise, I gather stories to create web, email, and marketing materials that captures the attention of your dream clients and keeps them coming back. 

I love to help businesses dial in their messaging and create a consistent thread that reflects their values and goals. No matter what the copy is being used for, I am passionate about developing and amplifying the voice of a brand to make it unique and recognizable.

Industries I Know

  • Design and B2B Services
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • Non-Profit Fundraising and Development
  • Radio and Live Music Events
  • Travel and Hospitality 
Certifications to Show I’m Legit (& Really Love Learning!)


A Deeper Dive into the Random Side

I’m obsessed with psychology and personal development. That’s the section you’ll find me in the library or the bookstore. It’s so fascinating to learn about the human mind, why we do what we do, and how to effectively improve our lives.

I‘ve been a wedding officiant for several couples over the past 3 years. I think writing ceremonies might be my favorite thing to write.

My secret talent is that I can speed read. There isn’t a method I could teach and charge for because I don’t fully understand it. It’s just the way I digest.

I’m the first one on the dance floor. If it’s live music, I’m not sitting down ’til the show is over.

5 years ago I moved from NYC (Queens get the money)
to ATX with a month-long excursion in Costa Rica in between. I still go back to New York regularly to recharge my batteries, but I thrive in the Austin vibe.

I don’t just love music, I’m like a human jukebox. I listen and quickly learn lyrics to songs then insert them into a relevant conversation. While I’m still very much a beginner, I take singing lessons for fun and every ride in my car turns into karaoke.

I’m vegan. I promise I won’t preach to you but if you’re lucky, I might change your mind about the whole thing after trying something delicious made with vegan wizardry.

The older I get, the more into exercise I am. I like to switch it up and try new things but my current favorite ways to sweat are kickboxing and training for triathlons.

I have two pet pals: my dog Charlie was adopted and Monster, my cat, was found on a street in Brooklyn. She’ll never let me forget it either.

I’m a city girl but nature has always been a huge part of my life. I can’t wait for the day that I can retreat into the woods to write, hike, and frolic in a garden.