Imagine your #1 dream client, after googling or scrolling around on social media, landed on your website or maybe came across a post of yours on social media. WOOHOO! They read through your copy or content and what do you think they’ll do? Sure, we hope that they make their way to our Contact page or at least follow us on that social platform but…will they? Is there a way to dial it in and provide valuable information in a unique way? Can you ensure that no matter who on your team is writing it every post, web page, email is reflective of your brand values and sounds uniquely like your brand (instead of regurgitating the same buzzwords or insider-speak everyone else in your industry uses)? ABSOLUTELY!

Here’s how I can help you do that: Brand Messaging. I’ve helped businesses like yours go from “we know what sounds like us when we read it” to being completely clear about their target audience, brand voice, tones for different mediums, and what makes them stand out in a crowd of competitors (known as a Unique Selling Proposition or USP). The Brand Message is the foundation that all copy or content put out by your business is built upon.


Brand Messaging Strategy document includes:

A clear-cut value proposition/

Sum up what makes you different

A comprehensive client profile

Who they are, what they want, what they’re looking for

Your brand voice & tailored tones 

Guidelines to how your brand sounds (and shouldn’t ever sound) online and in print

Key Message points

Create a memorable elevator pitch that gets to the point of why your business exists

I’m interested

Marketing Consulting and Planning
includes the above, plus:



3-5 core stories that reflect your Key Message Points designed to speak to the pain points and desires of your target audience.



Outline for content that reflects your Brand Message, with relevant topic ideas (i.e. blogs, video, podcasts, ebooks, case studies).



Plan for the frequency and type of content being shared.


I’m interested