Client Needs & Concerns + Brand Stories = Authentic and Impactful Web Copy, CTAs, and Content

I’m here to help. I will work with you where you are, understand your site from the perspective of your clients, and help craft the website wording that fits your business’ brand.

You know your stuff. Your business does incredible work every day. Why is it so hard to write about that? We both know how it goes – when a potential client looks you up, they are going to poke around on your website. How does that make you feel? If you’re wincing a little, that’s what I’m here for.

A welcoming homepage is so important, but you can’t forget your About, Services, Contact, etc. pages too. These days, a client will land on your site far more often than they show up at your front door (if you even have one!). When they arrive, they should be greeted with a warm introduction, a distinct description of what you do, and maybe even offered a little snack (which in the digital world would be a free sampling of something you provide to engage them).

If you’re struggling to get started or feel like your website lacks that special something, I’m here to help.

Website Audit & Report

Let’s see what we’re working with and find the path forward! The best way to start a content overhaul is to understand what already exists and what’s working or could be doing better. 

  • Set goals
  • Think like a client
  • Inventory pages and suggest what to streamline
  • Classify by page purpose
  • Evaluate and propose a plan for next steps

Home Page

Is your home page inviting clients in and making sure they stick around? Set the mood to get visitors engaged with your work on a home page that represents your brand the right way.

Category Page

Infuse your About, Services, Contact pages with your brand voice, compelling stories, and social proof.

Landing Page

Build a page with a strong Call-to-Action created for a specific campaign or action like signing up for your newsletter or downloading a case study.

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